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An effective treatment for hair loss

PRP Hair Restoration

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. Our platelets release numerous growth factors that initiate and promote conditions for healing. We essentially use these healing capabilities of our own body to extract the growth factors from ones plasma to regenerate the hair which causes new hair growth, thicker healthier hair, lengthen the active growth phase of ones hair which reduces the hairs falling out and stimulate new blood vessel growth in area which further strengthens the hair present. This process is utilized in orthopedic specialty to heal injuries in joints and is now used off label for cosmetic purposes.

The cosmetic purposes include boosting results from treatments like microneedling and Halo to stimulate rapid repair and collagen growth … think of it as adding fertilizer to your aerated Iawn … and now for Hair Restoration!!

This is a very exciting new treatment for a concern that plagues many. We use the Eclipse system which has one of the highest volumes of PRP yield and gives us the purest PRP possible by washing out majority of the red blood cells.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best age group that PRP works better for than others?
    • Age group is less important than the stage of hair loss. The lower the Ludwig/Hamilton Group, the better the response. (see more:
  • When he does complete blood work on a female, what “kind” of blood work?
    • PRP will not work on completely bald areas. I use a three-year window. If the hair loss has been less than three years, the response is usually good.
  • What does he specifically test in his blood work and what is he looking for? i.e. Thyroid, etc.
    • The most common of the maladies that we are finding are decreased iron and ferritin as well as thyroid issues and vitamin D levels.

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